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Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
I see where you're coming from, but "complete fake"? Hell no. Jones is well on his way to becoming part of that exclusive club.

And I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you probably wouldn't be as opposed to this fight if you thought Silva's chances against Jones were the same as his chances against GSP.
Jones to me is the best LHW ever. But you know the way people are. If he got schooled by someone like Cormier, people would say that it was all hype and that he was always overrated.

And probably you're right at the end. I just dont think its fair to hand Jones such a legendary fight against someone who is just about to retire. Because Silva is so good, he's hanging on and still killing everyone he faces. But it doesnt really change the fact that he's got around 3 fights left. I dont think he should go out against one of the youngest guys on the roster in his complete prime. I think he should have the catchweight fight against another legend and hang it up.

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Are you really comparing Jones beating Anderson to BIGFOOT beating Fedor?

REALLY? Anderson Silva losing to Jon Jones would be equal to Fedor losing to BIGFOOT?!

That is the most asinine statement I've ever read on this forum. Jones is already one of the greatest fighters of all time and he's done it in a division that has been historically deep, from the days of Tito, Randy, Chuck, and Wanderlei to Rampage, Machida, Shogun, and Rashad, he's a dominant, defending UFC Champion whose smashed four former UFC Champs and he somehow doesn't 'deserve' to hand Anderson his first loss in the UFC? Who are any of us to say who 'deserves' to hand anyone a loss? These are two of the best of all time and whoever wins would win. Age shouldn't matter here, Anderson is still clearly a highly skilled fighter at 37.

I for one and I think a lot of people here wouldn't look at Anderson that much differently if he lost to Jones. They're so much closer in talent level than Fedor and Bigfoot were.
If Jones got beat by Cormier, moved up to HW, and lost to say Velasquez, his hype would go WAY down. I know Bigfoot's nothing even close to Jones, but you get what I mean.

Also, that's why I said "It's how I feel". I'm able to say who deserves what and where because it's my opinion. Didnt everyone say Sonnen didnt deserve the title shot? Who's to say? I'm pretty sure I seen you agreeing with that point aswell.

I dont think people would look at Anderson differently if he lost to even someone at Bonnar's level. Anderson stands out on his own. I just dont think Jones has achieved enough to be classed as the greatest of all time, which he would be if he won the fight. He's cleaned out the division, but the reason that's such amazing news is because it's a very popular name division. Dos Santos has done the exact same thing aswell. For Jones to be considered the greatest, I think he'd have to have like another 3 dominant LHW fights, and then win the HW title. THEN his impact and legacy will be on the same level to me. The lack of fighters able to exploit his weaknesses is what's harming his wins to me. It's not the usual "He's dominant" situation. He has a clear weakness for BJJ, but who's going to exploit that in the same way that Anderson's wrestling weakness got exploited? There is so much more to becoming the greatest, and adversity and opponent's ability is a big factor of it. If Jones can take out guys like Werdum, Nog and Mir, on his way to becoming HW champion, then he will be more than fitting to be the new greatest.

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