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Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
Ever heard of the idea of quality over quantity?

I don't think there are necessarily too many fight cards, but I love basketball too, for example, and an 82 game season is definitely overdoing it. I'd rather have something along the lines of a 66 game season and have fewer players with nagging injuries come playoff time.

As for the UFC, there are about 3 cards in that list that I really wouldn't have missed if they weren't put together.
But fighters arent fighting more. If a fighter has a nagging injury, he can say, and he will probably get a fight whenever he wants afterwards because there are more fight cards.

The quality of quantity thing, it's not like we're missing any good fights. They are just seperated onto more cards. Sure that will hit PPV numbers, but we're fans, who cares about that? Jones Vs Belfort and Browne Vs Bigfoot could have been one card, but who cares if it is? We still get to see every fight, and we dont have to wait too long because theres probably another fight card next week.

In summary, I'm a fight fan. More fights couldnt possibley even be considered conceivable to be a downside to me.

Originally Posted by That dizzy guy
UFC is struggling financially. They have made a huge effort to push and invest more and more but the sport just isn't growing. UFC popularity has completely plateaued in America, as much as I hate to admit it.
The UFC is already more popular in Brazil than the US and possibly in Canada as well. UFC needs to get rid of the PPV model and just put on free shows like every other pro sport...
The UFC is still the fasted growing sport in the world. I still to this day am getting people saying "Yeah I heard about this fight, is it any good?". It's being talked about by everyone. The biggest thing is that day by day we get so many more fighters in the world. The more fighters, the more popular the sport becomes. Not only because those fighters gain fans, but because the fighters are fans themselves.

Originally Posted by Lyoto
How exactly do you know they're struggling financially? They're a private company.

Once you see the numbers for 154 and 155, everyone will be all "Ooo, two huge buyrates in a row! UFC is back." etc, provided 155 holds up of course.

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