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Originally Posted by samuri649 View Post
H1) I actually tend to work on my MMA game more and I'm not really that interested in BJJ, but i am conscious that it is an essential base for doing MMA.

2) I'm not tryna be badass but i expect to learn something that can protect me on the streets, which kind of BJJ do you guys think is more practical on the streets?

3)According to my simple research, it seems that there are quite a numbers of moves in Gi BJJ which are not usable in MMA, is that true? What about the No-Gi type then?
1) For your MMA game, No-Gi grappling is more important to train as in MMA you're going to fight without a Gi.

3) Yes, there are several techniques in Gi-BJJ that you either can't do in No-Gi or won't work as good, simply because those techniques involve the usage of your or your opponent's Gi.

2) For the streets, training with Gi is better as usually people tend to wear clothes on the streets. So with Gi-training you will be better in using your opponent's clothes for your techniques AND you will be better prepared to deal with your opponent grabbing YOUR clothes while fighting. In overall for the streets I'd suggest rather classical Jiu Jitsu than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as the latter focusses primarily on ground fighting and that's not where you want your fight to take place in the streets, because you never know whether your opponent has some friends around who would happily stomp on your head with their boots.

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