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Originally Posted by MagiK11 View Post
I don't have all the facts, but if he actually commited a crime after making weight and going to the weighins, that is one of the dumbest things ever. Hope it was a misunderstanding and
Nah, I'm sure it's some old warrant. I've known people who were arrested for ancient stuff that they didn't even know they had been charged with. I'm betting the cops just jumped him because everyone knew he'd be there for the arrest. Simple convenience.


As much as I hate to report anything FRB has to say...

FrontRowBrian ?@FrontRowBrian

This is info given to me by a twitter follower of mine on December 1, 2011 regarding an incident involving Jeremy Stephens. It's long.
Stephens was at a bar called Fat Tony's in Des Moines w/his cousin Dustin, fighter Victor Moreno, Shane (Jeremy's childhood friend)+his wife
Shane becomes angry. Someone spilled drinks on credit card. He gets loud, angry. His wife puts her arm on his shoulder. He pushes it away
Jeremy Stephens, intoxicated, sees this as Shane getting physical w/ a woman. JS gets in Shane's face. Threatens him. Security comes over.
Shane is being escorted out of the bar. Dustin (Jeremy's cousin) says to bouncer that's my friend. He convinces him to let him stay...
So Shane and Dustin return to the area where Jeremy Stephens is. Jeremy confronts him and punches Shane 10 times. Also kicked on ground
Dustin, also heavily intoxicated, joins in on beating of Shane. Shane's wife, pregnant at the time, convinces them to stop the beating
Shane's wife brings him outside bar. Puts him in a car. Jeremy Stephens sees him in car,punches hole thru window, drags him out.More beating
Stephens bails when cops show up. Shane is taken by ambulance to hospital. He spends 3 days in ICU. Here's the real interesting part...
Dustin is arrested and charged with the assault. Stephens allegedly offers to pay for Dustin's legal bills for him to take the fall.
Stephens gets out of dodge. Has other friend drive him to Omaha to get back to San Diego. Avoid questioning. Scheduled 2 b there a wk longer
Again, this was information given to me. Everything is alleged. The source had incredible details so that's story as told to me.
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