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Originally Posted by SJ View Post
What a frustrating thread... but maybe it's just because of where I'm from.

Tell you what, you're all welcome to stay with me until you get your issues straightened out.

I can show you the light.
If 'Showing me the light' is you taking away the most effective and SAFE medicine I've found for my pain then I'd rather frolic in the darkness.

When I use Marijuana my pain is significantly reduced within seconds. I do not have to wait for 20-40 minutes for a pill to kick in, or worry about it giving me a really unpleasant side effect (heartburn acid reflux in my case). I currently use a vaporizer 95% of the time since I know smoke of any kind is not good for you.

I still take Tylenol 1s or 3s if I'm at work because I do find it hard to focus at work if I've been vaporizing, but my pill intake since using marijuana has been significantly reduced...some days I'd take up to 12-14 pills a day.

Aside from the pain killing, it makes things funnier and food taste better...who wouldn't want that when you're at home watching a funny movie or about to get something to eat from the kitchen?

Edit: Slightly off topic but another point I'd like to bring up... I really enjoy seeing adds for medications on TV for things like erectile dysfunction that may cause things like heart failure, kidney failure, seizures ect... but hey, ask your doctor if it's right for you... but DON'T YOU DARE take marijuana or we'll slap you with a fine or put you in jail.

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