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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
My somewhat professional opinion is that smoking MJ is equally or even less dangerous than smoking tobacco.

I have yet to hear a con that doesn't apply to alcohol and/or tobacco as well. That leads me to believe [conspiracy mode activated] the one reason why it's not legal is because of the tobacco lobby. Actually, forget the conspiracy mode, it's basically common knowledge.
Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
You mean the tobacco companies stand to lose money if marijuana is legalized? I would think that they would be one of the most likely candidates to get in on the market if it is legalized.

At the very least I doubt people would stop smoking tobacco and move to weed. That stuff is pretty addictive. It would probably take some heat off of them from all the anti-tobacco lobbyists too.
Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
You'd think so but for some reason the tobacco lobby has always been against legalizing marijuana. They've been running a smear campaign against it for as long as I can think and long before that.
I guess there are several factors. Conservative people may genuinely think that it's bad. It's often associated with Hippie culture, so in the eyes of Conservatives it must be bad. In case of the alcohol and tabacco industries it may very well be that they fear competition. People can grow enough weed for their personal requirements at home without too much special technical equipment, that's something which is not possible with most alocohols and tobacco. So industry would get competition on the field of recreational drugs, but won't really be able to enter the market themselves. That same reason of people being able to produce it on their own makes it uninteresting for the state to legalise it, because as it's not going to be sold somewhere, it won't produce any significant tax revenues (besides maybe from daylight lamps), but it will reduce tax revenues from the alcohol & tobacco market.
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