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Originally Posted by Sterl View Post
I'm not trying to say Evans/Silva would have the "superfight" theme to it like the other two matches (I absolutely hate that word by the way). What I mean is I think Evans/Silva makes the most sense size wise and probably would be the most entertaining of the options based on how their skills differ. Absolutely a better decision then those other two to me. And if we can have that fight for the middleweight title it could be just as big as Silva/Sonnen was.
Even though I hate the idea of Weidman beating Tim and getting a title shot, I'd like to see Evans Vs Bisping and Weidman Vs Silva. Evans is definently an entertaining challenger to Anderson and the KO would be NASTY.

Originally Posted by RWCNT View Post
Sorry, what?

He's never been submitted, a former ADCC medalist came pretty close but couldn't get it done and ended up getting submitted himself later on. He also caught another black belt in Lyoto Machida and choked him out on the feet, not exactly amateur-level stuff. How all of that equates to a "clear weakness for BJJ" baffles me.
Vitor isn't quite the submission fighting that Nog, Mir or Werdum is. He was laying on his back, and Jones was engaging, and had it not been for a lack of activity on the bottom on Vitor's part, you could easily see him locking it in again. The submissions that Jones locked in arent specifically BJJ submissions. BJJ isn't just "submission fighting". Jones used his length to get the choke on Machida, and didnt even perform the lock onto Vitor right (although Vitor didnt struggle too much as he was battered and bruised). I've said it before, I honestly see Jones (pre-Vitor) losing to Struve by submission. He said that he has recognized the weakness and is working to fix it, so maybe it will never be exploited again.

Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Interesting points. No way I fight Tyson for free. A broken rib and jaw is at least worth $100k. Actually it would be funny...I'd go straight for a leg lock. His arms are too strong for an armbar or kimura, neck is like a bull so a guillotine will be pretty tough, so ankle/foot lock it is.

Thank goodness for jiu jitsu.
I mean if I got insurance for the fight obviously. And I meant in boxing. I have no issues with being KOed really. Hasn't happened to date but if I was afraid of it, I'd be a pretty bad Glaswegian haha. It's a once in a lifetime thing for a non fighter to step into the centre of the ring in front of everyone in the world and fight for the world championship. I have a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 chance of becoming the new boxing world champion, and those odds are awesome considering that they are 0 without it.

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