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Round 1

Both fighters meet in the middle of the cage and Volkov is trying to stay outside the reach of Rogers, using his kicks to keep distance. Volkov fires off a few punches, Rogers tries a counter right and they break apart. Rogers is allowing Volkov os dictate range right now and the Russian is pounding him with punches, knocking his mouth piece out, ref calls time. Fighter back on and Volkov goes right back to work punching. Rogers again is plodding right in Volkov's range and is getting hit with kicks and punches. Rogers is just not throwing any kind of strikes, he manages to clinch for a moment but Volkov breaks away and goes back to work. Rogers finally lands a few punches in the clinch and then at range Rogers lands a counter overhand right, but gets hit with a straight right hand. Rogers appears to be slowing down already and Volkov is starting to leap in and out on him. Volkov appears to be bleeding out of his nose from the flurry Rogers threw earlier. Rogers is still staying away, not looking to clinch or take the Russian down. Rogers is now bleeding also, he clinches right before the bell. This was very close to a 10-8 but Rogers did just enough to prevent that from happening. 10-9 Volkov

Round 2

Rogers looks very deflated in his corner between rounds, his corner is trying to get him going again. Volkov comes back out look to start striking again with straight punches. Rogers throws two very slow and weak jabs, Volkov is stalking Rogers against the cage and unloads a flurry as Rogers circles away. Rogers' corner told him to go for takedown and he has not made any attempt at it yet. Volkov is showing no fear of Rogers' striking right now, throwing strikes at what ever range he wants. Rogers throwing awkward jabs to the body and is against trapped against the cage as Volkov throws a head kick followed by punches. Rogers circles out and is again hanging out right in Volkov's range. The Russian again unloads punches and Rogers shoots for a tepid takedown which the Russian shrugs off. Volkov lands more punches with no answer by Rogers, but Volkov backs off with no attempt to finish. Big right hand lands for the Russian and Rogers is just moving calmly away. Volkov now waving Rogers forward, daring him to fight him. The Russian goes right after Rogers and the bell rings, Rogers did nothing this round. 10-8 Volkov

Round 3

Rogers refuses to touch gloves at the start of the round, and Volkov responds by landing a straight right hand. Rogers is trying to throw punches, but looks very tired. Volkov is staying on the outside, but Rogers charges in and gets hit hard, but Volkov backs off again. More of the same, Rogers is standing there, Volkov is punching him but backing off before he has Rogers really hurt. Volkov is looking frustrated by how little Rogers is fight back, and tries to land a head kick. Rogers finally tries for a take down, but gets hit very hard by the Russian. Rogers is completely gassed out at this point and the crowd is booing him. Volkov is pressing forward now, landing kicks and punches. Volkov tries a spinning back kick, but misses, Rogers does nothing to counter. Bell rings and ends this beating. 10-8 Volkov

Unofficial Scorecard: Alexander Volkov defeats Brett Rogers (30-25)

Official Result: Alexander Volkov wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

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