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Is the plum clinch underused in MMA, and why/why not?

Something of a random thought. But I wanted to get other people's take on this.

The last time I recall seeing the Thai clinch effectively in MMA was Werdum/Nelson, which was a while back.

It's also the thing I feel is missing most in Struve's arsenal, even more than an effective jab.

We see people get their hands on the back of their opponents head quite a bit, but nothing ever seems to come of it. And it doesn't look to me like it's being defended well as much as fighters don't seem to commit to it. And I don't really understand why.

Is it a case of good defense? Is it a risk/reward thing? Is it just a matter of current trends? What do you guys think?

*Side note - I'm really interested to see if Henderson will try to use it against Diaz. He has the strength to control Nate's upper body, and I think it will effectively nullify most of his offense. It's also one of the many tactics Rory can use against BJ.
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