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what? last nights card was awesome i had a blast, a lot of fun fights and 2 great could that card not turn you into a fan??

man MMA fans are becoming more and more like wrestling fans...i guess its because many are just cross-over fans and now instead of bitching about wrestling they bitch about MMA, i stopped going to wrestling forums because 90% of the shit ppl talk about is negative "oh this sucks, they should have done this, its not as good as it used to be...bla bla bla" MMA fans have gotten to that point where they pretty much just bitch about 90% of things, they want the "good old days back" but guess what? you guys will never stop watching...UFC has built that hardcore fansbase that even if they are unsatisfied they tune in, just like WWE

i miss the days when ppl actually enjoyed fights and created threads to break down a fight...that was fun... and not to whine about irrelevant crap, its become the cool thing on the internet to shit on the UFC and its getting boring IMO, MMA is doing just fine, their "fans" are the ones who need to take a step back and think about why they started watching in the 1st place

end rant/
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