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Originally Posted by MMAROLLER View Post
the problem with the Thai Clinch in MMA is that it gives the wrestlers double underhooks for the takedowns, only really effective if your opponent does not want to take the fight to the ground against you at all costs or if you have 2 guys so confident in there Thai clinch technique they feel they can punble to win the clinch battle, the guy in the clinch would have to be very confident in been able to turn it round however to pass up the chance of double underhooks and a TD.

Sometimes works in short bursts when you have your opponent pinned up against the cage but to hold if for any given time is just asking your opponent to work with the underhooks and win the TD.
Originally Posted by duckyou666 View Post
It happens all the time. Thing is though, any Wrestler takes the Thai Plum as an invitation to get double underhooks and closes the gap instantly to work for the take down. It's not that it doesn't happen, it's simply ineffective against a solid Wrestler, which is like 93% of professional Mixed Martial Artists.
That's true in a lot of cases, but not always. We know Miocic wanted nothing to do with Struve on the ground, for example, but Stephan didn't use the Thai clinch even when he had it.

Condit probably wasn't too worried about Nick taking him down, but didn't use the Thai clinch even when he had it.

Besides, the collar tie is used in wrestling as well.
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