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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
How does gi training take more technique? That makes no sense. The only difference is being able to grab their gi and using it for different things which are essentially useless in an MMA setting. And I don't understand the whole nogi is more strength than technique. That is completely false.
It's the kind of thing that you can't understand until you tried it. Believe me, it is way more technical than you could ever imagine. Ask any real BJJ practitioner and he will agree with that.

Flipping your opponents without using strength, spider guard sweep or submissions... etc. All those techniques that will help weaker guys develop their game and take on bigger and stronger guys.

For instance, I fought again a small, 135 lbs, in both gi and no-gi about a week ago. While I could actually keep up a little with him in no-gi, he absolutely destroyed me in multiples ways when we grappled with gi. My strength advantage (I'm 6ft4 and 195 lbs) was useless when it came down to fighting with gi on.

Anderson Silva, GSP, Jose Aldo, BJ Penn, etc... Are all BJJ black belts ( and we all know that belt system doesn't apply unless you train with a gi).

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