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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
So several of you seem to think that the people who didn't enjoy those fights are whiners? So the logical reaction for you is to whine about them?

Listen. There can be stoppages in a fight and it still have been a bad fight. Gabriel Gonzaga/Kevin Jordan ended with a brutal ko but it was still a bad enough fight that Rich Franklin apologized for it after his fight. The first fight ended quickly but in impressive fashion. The second fight - the flyweights - was just boring. Fast paced circling with few instances of offense and the ko shot was wonky. It barely hit the other guy and it didn't hit anything vital. Hieron/Ellenberger was just flat out boring from beginning to end. Browne/Silva had an exciting end but it was marred by Browne jacking his knee up and Bigfoot winning.

Outside of the prelims what was entertaining about last night's card?
That's just it, OP said 'from top to bottom' suggesting the entire card was rubbish, which it wasn't. The Dodson fight wasn't all the great up until the KO and this is coming from a fan of Dodson's and the Flyweight division but other than that, I didn't think the card sucked that much. A lot of people didn't like Ellenberger/Heiron but I did.

As for my original post, it seems MMA fans will complain about anything, they don't like wrestling, they don't like fighters using strategy, they don't like the lighter weights, they don't like when fights end in stoppages unless something happens before.

Some of those are valid, not everyone is gonna like the same thing, but from top to bottom? This whole card wasn't really that bad. If OP had said the main card wasn't that great then I wouldn't have had a problem but no one has seen the "fight to finish" argument more than myself and now we get a card loaded with finishes and people are still complaining.

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