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If you're strong enough you can control the neck thus the head. Wherever your head goes is where your body follows. There's an art to the clinch which I like to think I specialize in. It's something you do not want to be stuck in.

A wrestler can close the gap, but will almost always absorb at least a few strikes or one solid knee to the body.

It's also fairly easy to counter though. Swim under to apply a Thai clinch against your opponent, stick your hand in his face to create distance, break the clasp, or go for a takedown. The latter can be dangerous because all he has to do is move away which gives him/her the leverage to land one big knee.

As we all know Anderson put the Muay Thai clinch on full display also Wanderlei vs Rampage and Cung Le more recently.
I saw Cain do it once and landed wicked leg kicks which was nasty!

Imagine The Reem landing one in the clinch. It's so game over. He probably has the most deadliest one shot knee KOs.

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