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Originally Posted by Guy Incognito View Post
Bugsy Segal too right?
I intentionally left his name out because sadly his fate was decided there in the commission meeting. But yah pretty much all the major figures you can think of were present or named in there.

Cuba was a strategic move.

Charles Lucky Luciano was in jail. The US asked Meyer Lansky for help so he went through a backdoor channel to use their labour union connections to warn the US government of any U-boats on the East Coast because they (mafia) controlled the docks and shipping ports. In return they allowed Lucky to be a free man, but he had to be deported to Italy, but his powerbase was in the US. Although he wasn't allowed on US soil he secretly went to Cuba for a huge commission meeting where they discussed the French Connection, casinos, and The Bugsy situation with the Flamingo Hilton. Vito Genovese wanted his position while Frank Costello ran things. Once Lucky came back he assumed power.

Later the US found out and Charles beat the crap out of Vito (Godfather of his own family) because he thought Vito leaked the info. But nobody dared step on Lucky cuz he was the boss of bosses with Meyer being basically the co-chairman.

Meyer's bodyguard wrote a bio which I'm trying to find.

I'm telling you man...this was an incredibly fascinating read. It offered an insight into the inner workings of the top members. Meyer Lanksy called the shots and everyone followed suit from the Chicago outfit to all five families.

They bankrolled all of their prohibition money (Boardwalk Empire) into casinos and

EDIT: I just found the entire book online although I read the paper back. Enjoy.


This was a poignant episode about undermining ones' power.

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