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The UFC feels like Des Moines were trying to extort the UFC for god knows how much money in bail.

On where negotiations broke down: "There were two charges. One was $1,000 bail. The other was $20,000. That's where we started. Where we ended was ******* insane. I could have gotten (Charles) Manson out for what they wanted me to pay for him. It's just crazy. I've seen crazier shit than this before. Floyd Mayweather got to decide when he went to jail. You know what I mean? But this kid on an assault charge couldn't come out and fight today when he would have gone back to jail. I would have bailed him out. I would have flown him to Des Moines, Iowa, to face the charges down there. I was willing to do anything, and they dragged me out played games with me all day. That's why I'm so pissed."
I wonder if they asked for a million dollars bail
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