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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I have tried both for some time. They both require the same amount of technique to be efficient at. And ask a real bjj guy is pretty laughable when the person teaching my classes at Gracie is a world champion.

So this can't happen in nogi? I learn just as much technique in nogi as I did in gi.

The same thing can happen the other way. Some people are just better with a gi on and others without.

There are plenty of bjj practioners that train primarily in a nogi setting. I have literally not one bad thing to say about gi or nogi, but to sit there and say one is way better than the other is pretty ignorant.
I am not here to start an argument on which one is better, I am just stating that gi is more technical. I don't get why your telling me that your coach is a world champ, what does it have to do with this? My BJJ coach is a 3 or 4 times world champion, gave GSP his black belt and is training with most of the gracie's in brazil. Does that make his point of view more valuable?...

Of course, some people train primarily in a no-gi setting, what are you trying to say? It's a matter of preference. I could tell you that even brawlers like Rampage, for example, has a BJJ blue belt.

All this to say:

No-gi: More strength based, more concrete for a MMA fight.
Gi: More technical, more complex, more useful for a street fight if your opponents have a jacket or anything.

Marcelo Garcia Quote: "I train every day in the gi, and once a week with no-gi. It is crucial to train with the gi to have the finest technique. An athlete who wants to be good in no-gi, must also train in the gi@*

More on the subject:

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