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Erick Silva, how good is that "kid" and can be beat GSP ?

I was a bit surprised that he is 28 years old. I thought he was an upcomer like Jon Jones around age 23-25.

Erick has experience and should be around his peak then ?

How does Erick Silva match up to GSP in

- Standup
- Ground game
- Physique (stamina + strength)

My thoughts:

Standup: Ericks speed seems better than GSP while GSP seems to have more tools in the standup. Erick has powerful frequent kicks while I think GSP has better boxing. I score this category EVEN

Ground game: Ericks seems stronger than GSP in grappling, chokes etc while GSP has better takedown defence and takedowns (better balance). I score this category GSP

Physique: I think Erick Silva has the better pace throughout a long fight. I also think Erick has the better chin. I score this category for ERICK SILVA

Summary: I have Erick Silva vs George St Pierre a tie 1 - 1 - 1 in categories. What do you guys think about this possible future match up ?

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