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GR, how do you know that ANYTHING you just said was true? For all you know, the brother kicked off and attacked him. I once seen a dude slap his chick in the face. I walked over to warn him not to do it again, and the girl attacked me. Obviously the bitch was crazy, but how do you know that Stephens didnt just see a dude hit a girl or something, went over and did something about it? I'd knock a guy out if I saw him hit a girl and theres a decent chance that scenario played out.

Dana said Iowa had it in for Stephens because the 'deal' changed 3 times. His focus is on getting fighters in the cage. People do illegal shit all the time. Charlie Sheen was the WWE's guest embassador. All of that shit gets brushed aside when a business is concerned, and Dana's only focus was on getting the guy out in time to fight.

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