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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I didn't "buy" into the Erick Silva hype, and pretty much the reason for my post is for people to stop placing him so highly up the ladder.

As for Weidman, why is he up so high? It makes no sense to me.

Sakara = 7-7 in the UFC and has lost to loads of nobodies.
Bongfeldt = No longer in the UFC.
Lawlor = 5-4 in UFC with loses to low tier fighters.
Maia = Strong opponent, but Weidman looked terrible.
Munoz = Overrated opponent who looked terrible, but a legit win.

In my books, Weidman has only looked good against a decent opponent once, and the words "decent opponent" are being used loosley when I refer to Munoz. If he was to beat Sonnen, Bisping, Belfort, hell even a low enough level guy like Okami, then fair enough, but with only one legit win I dont see why he's this "Amazing title contender who has the best chance ever of beating Anderson Silva". I see Anderson finishing him without too much trouble and everyone saying "Well Weidman was overrated anyways...".
i used to think like this about most hyped up fighters, until JBJ wrecked every former LHW champ, now i see that these new kids pick things up fast and some just seem to be way ahead of the game

weidman is a big MW, has sick wrestling (im sure he could take AS down no problemas) and also has amazing i dont think he could sub AS but hes also working on his GnP and trying to use his elbows like JBj...thats scary

its just impressive how this kid destroyed these guys, sure they arent the best but they are tough fighters and weidman is making it look easy just like JBJ did

his MMA wrestling is very impressive and the way hes picked up BJJ is amazing, even if he had only beat nobodys if you look at his skills on paper hes a very serious threat to AS and im probably andersons biggest nuthugger here...thats a fight that scares me lol but hey i could be wrong...time will tell right
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