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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
I respect that opinion but outside of Maia, Weidman didn't have a single problem with any of those guys, and honestly, you give me Weidman with a full camp, I don't have any doubt he'd have lit Maia up that night. He completely man handled all of them and has showed some serious grappling along the way which is I guess you could say is the "weakest" part of Anderson's game, which is what makes him an interesting opponent, imo.

I'd be up for a GSP/Silva fight in 2013, provided they both win, but I'll have to see how he can do against Fitch before I fully jump on that train.
Yeah Weidman kicked all of their asses, but anyone with a good all round game pretty much does the exact same. Theres a difference between easily beating Sakara and surviving a round with Anderson. I think Weidman has showed an alright game all round, but as he hasnt shown to be one of the best in any specific area I dont think he can be hyped at the level he is just yet. I think Bisping beats him if they fight. Bisping is a great grappler too, and I think Bisping will be able to use intelligent boxing to steal the rounds. I HATE that Weidman is fighting Tim next because that's really the fight that makes sense for a #1 contendership. I also agree that he beats Maia quite easily in a rematch.

EDIT: I dont think Anderson's weakest point is his "grappling", it's more his TDD. On the ground or with the takedowns, Sonnen is a lot better than Weidman so as he could rush Anderson to get him down and stay in the guard with GnP to keep him there, Weidman will need to get a clinch together, work a double against the cage etc., and at that I think Anderson won't have much trouble tying him up on the ground until he gets back up and wins by knockout.

Originally Posted by ACTAFOOLGUY
i used to think like this about most hyped up fighters, until JBJ wrecked every former LHW champ, now i see that these new kids pick things up fast and some just seem to be way ahead of the game

weidman is a big MW, has sick wrestling (im sure he could take AS down no problemas) and also has amazing i dont think he could sub AS but hes also working on his GnP and trying to use his elbows like JBj...thats scary

its just impressive how this kid destroyed these guys, sure they arent the best but they are tough fighters and weidman is making it look easy just like JBJ did

his MMA wrestling is very impressive and the way hes picked up BJJ is amazing, even if he had only beat nobodys if you look at his skills on paper hes a very serious threat to AS and im probably andersons biggest nuthugger here...thats a fight that scares me lol but hey i could be wrong...time will tell right
I dont really see what warrents "amazing BJJ". If he got put on his back by say Sonnen, I dont see him pulling off a triangle to finish the fight. I mean he trains BJJ and he might of picked it up quite quickly, but I think that particular adjective is a little extreme.

JBJ was different. Jones has so many assets and showed every one of them through his rise. His wrestling was shown to be pretty good, his ground and pound was great, and when he used his natural advantages to control the striking game, he made for one of the most unstoppable guys ever in the UFC. Weidman to me, just hasnt shown anything THAT different. He's a pretty good wrestler with pretty good striking and pretty good submissions. I don't see ANYTHING Anderson struggles with against him. Anderson has dealt with a more difficult wrestler in Chael, a better striker like Vitor, a better BJJ guy like Maia. I don't see a single aspect of Weidman's game that would trouble Anderson. I could see Bisping working Anderson over in a boring fight against the cage, but that's not quite Weidman's style and I dont see one part that troubles him.

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