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Originally Posted by Alibaster View Post
I wouldn't have thought this possible just a couple years ago, but Texeira makes sense. They have so many good fighters and soccer isn't doing so well in Brazil right now.
I don't know how well you follow the sport, and I thought that statement was a bit weird, but you're right in a sense. Football in Brazil, as far as it's national team goes, is at its lowest point in the last fifty years if you consider star quality, ability and recent results. Neymar is arguably the biggest talent and he seems reluctant to take the step over to Europe where you have to be to be considered a player in 2012. They are still easily top 10, borderline top 5 in the world, but Brazil is held to the highest of standards in the footballing world.

I remember Dana White saying that UFC will over take soccer worldwide too. I think it will take time, but I think it'll happen. They are going to China, India, they already have a foothold in North and South America, West and Eastern Europe and Australia.
This is where you are seriously reaching. Football may be on a downswing in Brazil, but on a global level it's never been bigger. The money is piling up, filthy rich businessmen are throwing money onto new players and stadiums, sponsors are falling over themselves to sponsor the stars. Some little chap called Lionel Messi will be called the greatest of all time when it's all said and done, and he is raking in more money off his sponsors than all the UFC champions combined. Theres never been a more exciting time to be a football fan. Football is not some has been ready to lay down and die, it grows richer and greater each passing day. My personal belief is that MMA havent got a snowballs chance in hell to overcome football on a global level.

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