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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
GR, how do you know that ANYTHING you just said was true? For all you know, the brother kicked off and attacked him. I once seen a dude slap his chick in the face.
OK, but a person who was supposedly actually there has alleged that he attacked he guy over a misunderstanding and there must have been enough evidence that the police got involved.

All of which is slightly more relevant to THIS case than something you saw in a completely unrelated case.

As I said above, if Stephens did even half of what it is alleged he did, he could be getting charged with attempted murder.

He and a friend allegedly beat a guy, got separated, then hauled him out of a taxi and beat him some more. Then he allegedly fled the state, and paid his friend off to take the fall for him.

Which adds conspiracy charges, etc to the bill.

Getting in a drunken fight is one thing, beating a guy two on one, and then trying to cover it up and fleeing the state is big boy federal penitentiary stuff.

In short, time will tell.
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