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Originally Posted by duckyou666 View Post
Fail isn't a qualified contender at 205, I don't think he can be. He doesn't deserve a title shot, but I think he'll get one if he sneaks by Forrest. But..., that's a big if. However, I would love to see Fail fight Bones. Bones dominates Fail wherever the fight goes. Fail's only strength is Wrestling and Bones is the bigger, stronger, more talented Wrestler. I would thoroughly enjoy watching Bones annihilate that turd for a round or 2, then finish him with a **** choke.
You didn't watch Ortiz/Griffin III did you?

Originally Posted by ACTAFOOL View Post
I wonder if chael can get him down...he has that tough style to fight since he goes in like crazy and its really hard to fight guys like that, most guys JBJ fights just stand there watching him...same thing with Anderson and GSP...thats why andy had a hard time with chael and why i think GSP will have a hard time with diaz and condit

shogun is the only guy at LHW that goes in crazy..and hendo but sometimes hendo plays it a little safe..but shogun cant beat JBJ going crazy, he needs to destroy his legs with inside leg kicks would be an interesting fight, though JBJ would probably dominate chael
Jones probably will man handle Sonnen if they fight, but it'd be interesting to see how Jones reacts to everything Chael would say about him, Chael just constantly spouts out shit and Jones while he's an awesome fighter does seem a wee bit fragile mentally.

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