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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
The reality is that Chael fought his way through the top of the division, minus Vitor, and earned his MW title shot - twice. He lost both times, but that hardly means he wasn't qualified. What an utterly pointless and, frankly, stupid thread.

he was qualified when he fought Anderson Silva this last time....I'm saying he is no longer qualified to fight MW champ right now.

He would need to fight his way back to top contention.

He definitely is not qualified to fight the LHW chap right now.

Look, I like Chael...he put up a good fight against Anderson....the first round last fight was awesome....but, he wouldn't be a challenge for Jones. More importantly, he doesn't come close to deserving a title shot against he middle weight champ, much less the LHW champ. It makes zero sense to put that fight on.

The problem with Chael is, his standup is horrid. HORRID. He looks like an amateur against most opponents in his standup.
If he could build his standup, he could be a serious threat. Until that happens, he needs to keep training.

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