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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Wow, just wow! Can't believe some people are trying to spin this as the UFC doing it to further their own image.

They paid a guy who is in a horrible situation with his family life, when they didnt have to. There is no bad to be taken from this.

Some people will do anything to shit on the UFC and Dana.
And some people lose their minds whenever you say anything THEY consider negative about Dana White.

Good on Dana for giving the guy some money but he still got RELEASED from his contract. And Dana said `he`s not coming back` and more hilariously `you don`t not make weight.` This is simple math, they felt it was a better business decision to pay him some cash and cut him than to keep him on.

It`s bullshit.

Thiago Alves has a win over Matt Hughes were he missed weight by something like 7 pounds. And a couple of years later, I see people using that win to pump up Alves. They`ve completely forgotten (or simply never knew) that he missed weight by an absurd amount. Alves has missed weight multiple times and even posted pictures on his facebook of him eating bar-be-que the week leading up to a fight where he missed weight. The guy doesn`t give a shit about making weight because he knows he`ll be brought back no matter what.

That`s my problem with it. The utter lack of consistency. If you`re a big name or Dana likes you, you still get to fight, and KO a guy and pad your record and continue on with the company. If you`re Dennis Hallman you get a big severance payment and told to GTFO.

Alves was kept around because he can still make the UFC money, and more importantly, if they cut him he could go and start making money for SOMEONE ELSE. This is a business. Hallman isn`t a commodity, he`s just a hard-working effective fighter. Alves is a cash cow. So the rules only apply to Hallman.

I use Alves because his win over Hughes was bullshit and Hallman has multiple legitimate wins over Hughes. Hallman is out of a job, and Alves drives a f****** Maserati. Yeah, that`s fair.

And Hallman has an actual excuse for missing weight, he's going through some serious personal shit. Alves just didn't give a damn about making weight.

But ultimately there`s no point explaining this shit to you guys because you just don`t want to hear it.

What would you rather have? A one time payment? Or a job?

It's an easy decision for me.

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