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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Hallman has had a problem making weight for a while. This time his opponent didnt even accept the fight due to the issue. He also had his wiener exposed to the entire world during a fight.
The UFC still gave Hallman his show and win money to help deal with his issues and then let him go so he can get his stuff together. If he gets a win or 2 he will be right back in the UFC.

Sounds like the UFC did the right thing here to me. The guy was more trouble then he was worth. Giving him Show/Win money is incredibly nice of the UFC to do.

If they cut him and gave him not a single penny i dont think anyone would have said anything. And its probably what every other company would have done.

And in EVERY company if you bring more money in to the company you are going to be kept around longer. I dont know why people act as if the UFC is the only company in history to do this. What kind of world do you guys live in??? Where the clouds are made out off fluffy candy??? And dirt is made out of chocolate??? And there are ******* flying hearts everywhere??

Good for you guys...

Some of us live in the real world.
Did you miss the part where Dana said he's not coming back?
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