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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
Who decides when a guy is more trouble than he's worth?

I'll throw this back to the Alves example. You think Hughes didn't get a nice kickback under the table for fighting Alves when he showed up THAT overweight? You think Hughes is dumb? He's one of the smartest guys in the history of the sport, he isn't fighting a guy that overweight unless someone makes it worth his while.

This kind of shit is basically the definition of corruption.

Why even HAVE weight classes?
So i take it you understand everything else then???

Well Dana White and the Fans do.

Not many fans care much about Dennis Hallman. Very few people outside of family members are paying for an event to see Dennis Hallman.

Yet he has missed weight multiple times, got a fight cancelled, had his privates come out on TV.

Its obvious he is more trouble then he is worth. Its common sense at that point.

In my Company its my boss who decides who is more trouble then he is worth. Then his boss decides if he is more trouble then he is worth. And so on and so on.

Nothing corrupt and nothing shady.

People are just bitching because they love to bitch.

I wouldnt be surprised to see alot of you guys go to the beach and then complain that there is too much sand there.
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