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That OneFC event was just awesome, it was a great show. Top 3 event I have seen this year. Allowing kicks to the to head of downed opponents is a game changer. Makes you think twice about laying on your back in gaurd looking for an upkick. I think it was Zoro that was kicking the shit out of Boku on the ground but then got dropped in the next round. That was a great up and down fight. Really was an exceptional show.
I woke up only, only got about 5 hours of sleep and my stream that I paid for ****ed up until the Pulver fight started, but it was still totally worth it. No complaints when it was all said and done.

Pulver was beat up a little bit in round 1 but he landed this nice shot later on before the fight was stopped(still went to the cards) from a nut shot.

Of course, Melvin was in the house...

This kid looked great

Zoro-Boku was back and forth. Boku dropped Zoro early but Zoro was dominating when Boku landed the comeback TKO.

Aoki got a quick TD and put Frenchie to sleep. He didn't know he was out until he went for armbar combo.
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