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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Never understood this argument. So because he only has 3 fights in the UFC and hasn't been given a real tough opponent (until now, his 4th fight he is getting a guy that had been top 3 for years) he has to be overhyped?

Is he supposed to fight Nick Diaz in the street to justify the hype? How can he fight anyone he hasn't been given?

So if he straight KO'd Fitch is he still overhyped? If not, Why would 1 punch change everything. How does 1 punch mean he is the real deal?

You are saying he is over-hyped because he hasn't been given a top UFC fighter yet. There is more to looking at their records on wiki or sherdog. From what I have seen Silva has real skill.

Silva came into the Brenneman fight and had people say "oh Silva probably has no TDD so Brenneman might just lay on him. Silva wasn't even much of a favorite. He ended up tooling him and subbing him.

I think Fitch is going to get tooled here. And then everyone will all of sudden go from he is over-hyped to this kid is a beast.
I'm not saying he isn't good. I'm just saying there is no evidence to suggest that he is in the same class as the names being thrown around in this thread.

He has yet to fight even a mediocre UFC fighter, and I'll reserve judgment until he does. Beating Fitch would be a good start to validate the hype, but frankly I have no idea how good Fitch is anymore, so pretty much no matter what happens on Saturday it's going to be hard to say where he is at with any real confidence.

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