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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Never understood this argument. So because he only has 3 fights in the UFC and hasn't been given a real tough opponent (until now, his 4th fight he is getting a guy that had been top 3 for years) he has to be overhyped?

Is he supposed to fight Nick Diaz in the street to justify the hype? How can he fight anyone he hasn't been given?

So if he straight KO'd Fitch is he still overhyped? If not, Why would 1 punch change everything. How does 1 punch mean he is the real deal?

You are saying he is over-hyped because he hasn't been given a top UFC fighter yet. There is more to looking at their records on wiki or sherdog. From what I have seen Silva has real skill.

Silva came into the Brenneman fight and had people say "oh Silva probably has no TDD so Brenneman might just lay on him. Silva wasn't even much of a favorite. He ended up tooling him and subbing him.

I think Fitch is going to get tooled here. And then everyone will all of sudden go from he is over-hyped to this kid is a beast.
This. I said earlier that I dont want people to start over hyping him and to this point, I dont think they are. He's mainly regarded as "the future", and for the time being, Condit, GSP and Diaz are really the only names in the title picture. Silva may just get there, but on his current record and the skill set he has shown thus far, a thread like this gets to me. Silva has a lot of tough battles and proving grounds to go through before he even gets a shot at GSP. He might just get there, but the experience he will gain throughout the process will be ultimatley what wins him it. Right this second, to say he beats GSP is where the overhyping starts, and then you get guys like the one you quoted almost wanting him to lose because they are being overrated. I just want us to all sit back, see how he does against a great opponent in Fitch, and even if he smashes it, give him time and the opprtunity to become a championship fighter without just throwing an unproven name in the mix.

Originally Posted by ACTAFOOL
well hes barley started BJJ and hes already doing well in ADCC, he has a natural talent when it comes to grappling, maia is great at bjj but needs to work on his TDs

weidman has a sick combination of great wrestling (i think you're underestimating his wrestling...or maybe im overrating it, but i think he outwresltes any1 at 185) size, and bjj...and his striking is getting better and better...

i think his size is something ppl tend to overlook, hes a big MW...i think he could easily bully guys around with his skills + size...i doubt anderson would be able to triangle him, but i wonder if weidman is fast enough to shoot on andy, his footwork is very would be a very interesting fight, obviously i never bet against andy but i would be more worried about weidman than say sonnen or vitor
He might have amazing BJJ for his level, but you said earlier point blank 'amazing', which I think is a big over-statement. I don't think Anderson would sub him, because I've said a million times Anderson's BJJ gets overrated by people around here, but at the same time I don't feel his top grappling would be enough to pass on Anderson (as Spider has recently improved his bottom game a lot as shown in the Sonnen 2 fight). Maia can only really fight a wrestler. He beat Sonnen because a guy like Sonnen is designed for Maia to win. Against a smart wrestler who will use his hands to avoid the ground like Weidman or Koscheck, Maia's one dimentional game doesnt really stand up so well.

Weidman might have great wrestling, but theres a big difference between having great wrestling and being a MW champion. I think Weidman hasn't really been tested against someone who would avoid the takedown yet. I think Bisping would be able to keep it standing with him, and unlike the rush and shoot technique of Sonnen, he won't be able to outsmart Anderson to work for the TD. His hands are def improving, but thats just my point. Is the level of "Good enough to beat Anderson" which I hear off other people really a level for a guy who's "hands are improving".

In summary, he's a really good fighter and I take nothing away from his skillset. He's a great wrestler, good grappler, has good submission defence, and decent striking. This is all well and good, but when you're dealing with a man who's faced better wrestlers, has better grappling, has better BJJ and the greatest striking of all time, I don't really understand why they are been put in the same place.

My main issue too was that I don't feel he's done enough. Even with an impressive win over Tim I don't feel he's done enough. Tim is an easy win for him (unless he gets caught), Munoz was an easy win for him, Maia should have been an easy win and the rest were nobodies.

If not Bisping, I'd have liked to see Weidman fight Lombard. Kind of stupid, I know, since Tim beat Hector, but at the same time I think Lombard is going to come out like a killer in his next fight and he is a very complete fighter, so the two biggest tests right now at MW for Weidman would be Bisping and Lombard, neither of which he is fighting.

tl;dr? Don't overhype Erick, and I'm not a big Weidman fan.

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