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Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
Well kind of. It is more about him not ever fighting a guy who can actually challenge him. Josh Neer would have destroyed all 3 of those guys as well, as would have GSP. So all we really know is that he is somewhere between Neer and GSP. That's a lot of uncertainty.

As far as the Fitch thing, all I'm saying is that I don't know if Fitch is still the second best WW, or if he is a shell of his former self with a shot chin and a bad knee, so no matter what happens Silva is a tough read.

Perhaps "over-hyped" was the wrong term to use, but I'm not sure putting him in the same category as Rory Mac in terms of projection is really valid at this point, all things considered.

To be clear, I'm not saying he isn't top 20, or top 10, or even the best WW in the world. I'm saying the majority of people seem to be looking at Erick Silva's run through rose tinted glasses.
There is the difference. I don't look at fighters solely on who they beat. You can't just make up things like Neer could beat all those guys so he is somewhere between Neer and the best. Brenneman may have held down Neer and stayed out of a sub. Neer is irrelevant to this conversation. Rory MacDonald is somewhere between Che Mills and GSP going by this.

No I think Erick Silva has top 10 talent. So I rank him outside of the top 10 because he doesn't have the wins but able to jump right into it with this win.

What if Fitch was still the #2 WW? And Silva beat him. Woudld that put him somewhere between 2 and 1? Would that put him #2? I don't think you can just use the math like that.

He has destroyed all the guys put in front of him in the UFC. With all around skills. I think it is safe to say he is much better than a Neer caliber fighter. But that is just me.

Using your logic Cain Velasquez is somewhere between Brock Lesnar and JDS.

I don't think anyone has rose tinted glasses on. I think everyone who backs him just respect his variety of skills, athleticism, and killer instinct. No one has said what he has done in the UFC is amazing. But he handled business like he was supposed to in those fights.
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