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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
Yeah he did. he also said "There is a Wop parade blocking the street"

Wop - (n) a racial slur for an Italian or person of Italian heritage. It is often said that this term comes from "With Out Papers" or "Working On Pavement," but it actually comes from the Italian word "guappo", meaning a swaggerer, pimp, or ruffian.

Totally lost all respect for Mayhem, he's gone from being entertaining and funny to being a total dick. It all started going downhill after TUF.
Why lose all respect for a guy who has obviously had a serious mental break down because of the downfall of his MMA career and is clearly under the influence of drugs.

You lose all respect for a guy like that?

I feel compassion for a guy like that. I've always liked Mayhem and he's always made me laugh, especially on TUF when he clowned Bisping on a few ocassions.

I hope he pulls through this, because he's obviously in a very dark place. Get better Mayhem.
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