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What Horror Movie did you Watch?

Since it is the month of monsters and candy I wanted to make a thread about the horror movies we recently watched and what we thought of them.

I just watched Stephen King's Rose Red and you could say this was a direct sequel to The Shining (the T.V. Miniseries, not the Kubrick movie). We got a piece of land that wants to kill people for no apparent reason other then its evil. We send a bunch of psychics in a house which awakens this dormant evil. We consistently get flashbacks from the past. We have one guy we is trying to kill a child because the house drove him to paranoia (Although this was stopped pretty quickly). We have a ghost that wants one of the characters to be the caretaker of this haunted mansion (which might as well be a hotel considering the size of the place.

This movie was more goofy then it was scary. Most of the Stephen King cliche's are present in this movie like Psychics, constant flashbacks, from overly obsessive people to flat out despicable (and I'm not just talking about the ghosts either). So yeah, more goofy then scary.

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