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Originally Posted by TISGBA View Post
Have you ever fought a fight in real life? Even sparring?

Yes he got hit but look how he coped with them. Other fighters would have gone down for good. Just shows how good Silva's chin really is!

Also, I got some news for you buddy, Silva won against Sonnen TWICE. Sonnen gave it his all and Silva took it all and showed that he is probably better than anyone at anything. Even taking punches.
Back from sparring like 20 minutes ago. Relevent? Uhhhh

He didnt really cope with them but to be fair he was taken down straight after most of them. Chael wouldnt have "put most down", because that's not Chael. Anderson had an off night, but at the same time it's the only real test his chin had ever had and he wasn't exactly Big Countrying his way through.

And I know he won, what's your point.

Man I need to stop talking about Anderson. Dude is the greatest, my 3rd favourite after the Diaz Bros, but these *insert insult*king fan boys are annoying the shit out of me. Anderson is the best at everything? Lmfao whatever. Anderson Silva is the best wrestler in the UFC. Smh. The dude is the greatest of all time but come on, watch the screen and realize that you're talking shit. Anderson's striking is better than anyways basically that ever lived (no exaggeration, he's proved it unlike dudes like Bruce Lee). His thai clinch might also be the best in the UFC too. His BJJ game is improving, but he's overrated by many in that aspect. He has quite weak takedown defence aswell.

I swear, you say one thing bad about Anderson and people jump on you. Andersons not even a complete fighter, he's just the best fighter.

Originally Posted by Sports_Nerd View Post
Of course he can win the fight with grappling. All he has to do is stay on top for two rounds and not get finished.

And Maia didn't go for takedowns, he repeatedly tried to pull guard. There's a significant difference.

Your entire argument here seems flawed from the get-go. If he comes in swinging it's almost certain he gets finished violently just like Forrest did. Then he'll be that other guy who was part of a great match up between middling fighters and got Clowned by the greatest. If he gets a hold of a leg he can put Silva on his back, then it's a whole other ballgame.
But how does Bonnar engage grappling? If Chael Sonnen couldnt do it (who would probably make an easy night of Bonnar), how is Stephan going to do it? He tries to grapple and he gets thai clinched. He tries to go for a takedown, might get it low on the hips, and Spider pops right back up. He doesnt have the grappling skills for this fight.

Yeah I know Maia did that, but if he could have took Anderson down he would have. If Bonnar is rolling on the floor looking for a single, Anderson will just walk away pissed every time as the Rio fans boo the shit out of Stephan for such pitiful tactics and refusal to engage, which would be AWFUL for Bonnar since he's such a warrior.

*Just like forrest did*. Bonnar and Forrest arent the same. Forrest hasnt got even close to the heart and enduracne of Bonnar. You do know that Bonnars NEVER been KOed or Submitted? EVER. That counts for something. And Bonnar doesnt have the takedowns, grappling or wrestling to put Anderson down and keep him there. Mix that with the fact that Anderson could probably catch a tired Bonnar in a triangle, it's a bad strategy.

He's got a punchers chance, and I think Anderson will engage it. It's either knockout or be knocked out in this one. He has to come forward, endure literally every ridiculously accurate strike from Anderson, and get toe to toe. Anderson MIGHT be tied into a dog fight. He's never really faught someone like Bonnar. The closest was Griffin and Anderson was begging for a dog fight but Forrest wouldnt obligue. Bonnar might catch him, and Bonnar might finish him. You want Stephan to match skill for skill, and there is 0% chance of that happening.



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