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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
So you are reinforcing the stereotype that Americans are completely oblivious to what's happening outside of the states?

Politically they pay more attention. Sports wise not so much. Politics and world events are given coverage. Foreign sports are not. Less popular sports are not. It is easier for me to find a high school football game on tv than a premier league soccer game. It's a direct result of supply and demand. Americans don't care about soccer so it doesn't get airtime.

Football isn't that popular in America, but not to the extreme like you say. David Beckham was a worldwide phenomenon and one of the worlds biggest celebs even before he left Man United to go play for LA Galaxy. If you ask people on the street in NY or LA, pretty much everyone of them is gonna know who David Beckham is, and that he is a footballer. Americans are aware of the sport, they just don't follow it or have that much of a connection to it. A lot of that is because USA hasn't got much to show for in the World Cup. The Americans like to cheer for their own, and there is certianly nothing wrong with that. If USA somehow or another go on a miracle run and reach the World Cup Final in two years time in Brazil, I'm betting the American people will turn in to watch.

Knowing who Beckham is and having watched him play is two very different things. He is actually better known to most Americans as the guy married to a Spice Girl and - yes - she is more famous here.

This is very interesting actually. I would think a good percentage of Americans would have heard the name Cristiano Ronaldo before, but I can't be sure. You don't reckon people would know him? If he walked on the streets in Manhattan no one would recognize him?
I think I've heard that name before but I couldn't tell you where.

I think you all seriously do not understand the lack of exposure Americans have to soccer. To most of the world it is the biggest, best sport, If you asked most Americans I think they would say that football is. Maybe baseball.

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