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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
This is my last post in this thread.

Foreigners trying to tell me how my country that I have lived in all of my life sees their sports is ignorant in the extreme. You literally have no ******* clue what you are talking about. You have no experience or exposure upon which to base this. I do. I have a lifetime of experience in the culture being discussed and dealing with it's sports fans.

Do you want to know why their aren't other Americans really posting in this thread? Because they don't care about Teixeira saying this and because they know that the soccer fans will come in bitching and moaning about how ridiculous it is.

My original point in this thread - which Soojookoo and GrappleRetarded so gracefully missed in their hyperbole and fan rage - was just this: a fighter thought his sport was going to be bigger in one country than soccer. So what? Every athlete thinks their sport is the best. If you don't you shouldn't be playing.
No one is claiming people are wrong for thinking their sport is the best in the world. You can't seem to understand the difference between thinking your sport is the best, to thinking your sport is the most popular, or will become the most popular.

Popularity doesn't determine how good some thing actually is.

I prefer watching MMA to football. MMA gets my adrenaline flowing like no other sport, yet I can recognise that combat sports like MMA will probably always have a niche audience. To compare it to football in terms of popularity in mine, my kids or my grandkids lifetimes is just ridiculous.

You are basically saying that your country is fitting the classic American sterotype of being ignorant towards other countries and cultures and thinking that only American sports are the biggest in the world. That's what you're saying. You say you're not exposed to football in the US and that you don't broadcast it on TV. Well, we have the exact same situation in the UK with the NFL/American football. No one here watches it, yet we all recognise that it is an incredibly popular American sport. People just know these things.

I personally think you're just full of shit. You also claim to have like 8-10 years of boxing experience and don't have a single photo or video of you ever boxing. I think you're just a billy bullshitter mate.
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