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I thought Mayhem was just having a laugh/comedy in his own way.

If Ariel Sharon wanted sensationalism then he got it, and as a reporter, he hit the jackpot.

I think they are 'loving it'.

Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
You think this was Mayhem putting on a show? Nah man, he's been goofy and unpredictable in interviews before, but he looked seriously messed up, and when he yelled "Don't call me Mayhem!" I got chills, that was the shout of a man with some serious demons.

I'm in the camp that says get well soon Mayhem. He is obviously not a bad dude deep down inside, but he has some very serious issues.

Rogan will probably comment on this on his upcoming podcast. Mayhem has been on before and they are good friends.
If Mayhem wasn't acting then his behaviour was commensurate with psychosis and violent schizophrenia.

If he has those medical issues then you can expect him to be sectioned and say bye bye to fighting.

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