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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
No, lets see how long it takes him to figure it out...

EDIT: Dammit Deadman! I'm really hating you today
He made it so easy!

Originally Posted by TISGBA View Post
Errr. no please read the sentence properly. In fact let me help you.
1st part:
"I hope to continue my win streak [BY DEFEATING BONER]

2nd part:
and I can finish my career undefeated in the UFC," Silva said. "

There is a conjunction ('and') obviously anyone who can read english can tell the 1st part is NOT EQUAL in implication to the 2nd part.

It's really quite simple when you break the sentence up and read it slowly.
Oh sure it's easy... when add in your thoughts and disregard that it was being translated from another language or how he has specifically spoken of wanting several more fights. I guess if you do all of that, read it slowly, and misconstrue what the punctuation means it's easy to see.

But thankfully my mother didn't drink while she was pregnant so I actually got what the article was trying to say. Good try, champ.

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