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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Aside from Tex, obviously.

No videos. No audio. Not a single other poster backing you up. And yet you want me to take your opinion as an accurate representation of the American people?

Have you any idea how ridiculous you sound?
Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
There's only one way to clear this up. Can all of the other Americans viewing this thread post whether or not they are aware that football is the biggest sport in the world, or do you guys really believe that the sports exclusive to your country are the biggest.

I find it extremely hard to believe that Americans don't know how big football is on a global level.
Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I'm pretty sure like 1% of Americans would say Baseball is the world's biggest sport. Considering that it's only really big in America, it's a pretty unlikley answer. You're making Americans out to be more stupid than they are (yes, Ive got the jokes too, but Im one infraction too many as it is).

Regardless, right this second, in total across the world, football is the biggest sport in the world. It might not be the most popular in YOUR country, but if you have any sort of cultural awareness you will know how big it is. I dont watch handegg because it's one guy throwing a ball to another, then he gets tackled and the whole thing restarts. That doesnt mean that Im not aware of how popular the NFL is.

EDIT: Grapple, rephrase to just "soccer" in general. English football seems like you're referring to the premiership alone.

Guys... we all know in America that Soccer is the biggest sport in the world. Now obviously i dont know everyone in America but every GUY iv ever met knows that soccer is the most popular sport. This is a common fact that we all knew even back in highschool.

Now TBH im not sure if alot of the Female population would know that. But yes 99.9% of the guy population does know Soccer is the biggest sport in the world. No doubt in my mind about this. Iv been around this discussion plenty of times and iv never met anyone think or say otherwise.
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