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Seriously no one backing up Miller on that one?

He was pretty sharp up until the point when Ariel desperatly wanted to bring Mayhem back. I totally see why Miller feels that Ariel ****ed it up. He should just let him be Patrick.

I think that people dont appretiate how hard is to do what Miller did without laughing and screwing it up. He played Patrick - stupid character from propably stupid movie. That dont take away from the fact that he played the role right way

I just had grin on my face whole time. Ariel was hilariously helpless. I dont know why he just try be all serious.

I think people view this situation from wrong point. Try view it like this:
Only decent analogy comes to my mind - Dice Clay. You would kick him to the teeth if he is real person and dont want to even talk to him. But he is funny on stage. Mayhem decided to use MMA Hour as his stage for silly Patrick character because he propably thought that Ariel can handle it. Unfourtunately he was wrong(Mayhem) and Ariel refused to play along.

About racist jokes. Are you all really that freaking sensitive? Whats is wrong call someone Jew when he is a Jew? I dont get it. You americans(mostly) and your silly sensitivity about words. "magic words" (thank you JR for that term)
I had feeling that on MMA forum people wouldnt be so sensitive. I was wrong.

Edit: There is a possibility that Im wrong and he was not playing. In that case he is just lost and I feel sorry for him but I doubt it. That tweet more confirms my theory. I wonder what Joe will say about it. I hope he will say something

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