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Originally Posted by BrutalKO View Post
...Conventional wisdom would say yes because of the size and power issue but Anderson is hands down one of the best at fighting off of his back as well. His ground defense at Silva/Sonnen II was outstanding. Anderson's TDD has improved as well. At 205, Silva's 2 fights have demonstrated his bigger punching power with no affect on his timing. I think Bonnar may go for a takedown because of his solid BJJ game to try and mix it up but I think once Bonner eats a few hard jabs, he's gonna go into brawl mode which plays right into Silva's game. Will Anderson repeat the matrix-type of performance like he turned out against Griffin? Hard to say. Bonnar admits he'll eat a few to give a few. Maybe not a good idea to eat a few of Anderson's at 205. I think Bonnar will make a good fight win or lose...
Let's get this straight. Silva lost that first round. If Bonnar can put only two rounds like that one together and doesn't get finished, he wins by UD.

Second, his defense wasn't really all that great. He managed to tie Sonnen up and take very little damage, but he also got mounted like an 10 year old kid fighting his 14 year old brother. 9/10 times giving up the mount and holding on is not going to work, and if you think that counts as good defense off your back you have another think coming.

The more impressive part of Silva's grappling came in round 2 where he managed to stuff a few takedowns. This resulted in Sonnen losing it and throwing perhaps the dumbest spinning back fist ever and tripping over his own feet.

Will that be good enough against a bigger, slower, less technical (as far as wrestling is concerned) fighter in Bonnar? Unknown. But if he does get put on his back, Silva is likely to be in a bad way. His Jitz was not impressive at all in his last fight.
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