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IMO here is how I value the fighters. I'll start from 1 and work to 10.

1.Gilbert Melendez- he is the only SF fighter(male fighter) right now that has any claim to #1 in the World at his weight class. He has been in position for to challenge for the top spot for years now.

2.Mousasi- The UFC needs contenders for Bones. Mousasi is as big a challenge IMO as anyone at LHW that hasn't already fought Jones. He is still fairly young but very experienced at the same time.

3.Cormier- He is one win away from challenging for the UFC title. IMO he is a bigger threat to JDS then Cain. I consider him to be a top 3 HW right now.

4.Luck Rockhold- I think he is legit. I wouldn't mind seeing Rockhold vs Bisping just to see if Luke is ready for a shot at Anderson. Weidman would have been another good matchup.

5.Jacare- He is a great athlete that is improving on the feet and has the kind of ground game to threaten anyone. IMO he is just as dangerous as anyone at MW for Anderson Silva.

6.Feijao- More fresh blood at the top of the LHW division. He has great finishing ability and he even had Hendo hurt in that fight. I wouldn't mind seeing him vs the UFC elites.

7.Nate Marquardt- He had a long layoff and is lucky he even got the opportunity to fight for SF title right away. I don't think he deserves to be in the mix right now. I would like him to fight someone like Kos. He deserves a tough matchup for his past behavior.

8. Tim Kennedy- He is a tough fighter that will give just about anyone problems. I wouldn't mind seeing how he does vs someone like Okami or even Munoz.

9.Roger Gracie- He could add more depth at MW, he has the Gracie name to get the casual fans attention. He seems to be improving. Give him someone like Herman or Ring to start out and see how he does.

10.Josh Thompson- I just like him slightly more then Larkin for my last spot. A tough, veteran fighter that can come in and compete with guys like Jim Miller and Gray Maynard right away. LW is deep but Thompson can compete with most of the top LW in the UFC IMO.

Honorable Mentions: Larkin,Masvidal,Healy,Noons,Woodley.
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