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Bonnar's only chance is a lay'n'pray/dirty boxing match. If he tries to stand in front of Silva for more than 10 seconds he'll get ko'ed. That being said, I don't think Bonnar is an idiot. He needs to run in hands up chin down, eat a few (which he will) and shove Silva into the fence like GSP did to BJ Penn in the rematch. If he can slow Silva down he can win, he should pin Silva into the cage and hold his wrists for as long as he can. Bonnar will have the strength advantage and he needs to use it.

Everytime an opponent comes in and fights right into Silva's hands I get disappointed, hopefully Bonnar uses his one and only advantage in his favor and atleast makes it close. The worst gameplan maybe ever was Okami standing and trying to jab with Silva, how these mma professionals can go in and do something so stupid is beyond me. Hopefully Bonnar has the foresight to actually have a gameplan because Bonnar has literally no chance standing in front of him, I mean 0%, in a striking match against Silva I'd have the same chance which is none. Some people would say he has a puncher's chance but I disagree, Bonnar has mediocre power while Anderson has a very good chin. Guys like Matt Serra with heavy hands and terrible technique have a puncher's chance, Bonnar has got to pin Anderson into the cage in the first 30 seconds.

The idea that Bonnar will be able to eat Silva's strikes is ridiculous, nobody can because Silva hits at the perfect angles and walking through them is impossible. The only guy in the UFC that could take a Silva onslaught and still be standing is Roy Nelson.

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