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Originally Posted by TISGBA View Post
Well, I wasn't aiming for a complex fight breakdown initially so I think it's wrong to complain about that.

Having said that, the reason I say KO is that I think a -lucky- punch when Andersons guard is relaxed could be an exploitation that Jones would probably figure out (as is the case with almost EVERY fight). Just because Jones hasn't shown KO power doesn't mean he doesn't have it so it's your opinion is as speculative as mine.

On the topic of ground fight they both have long slender limbs so technique and experience will be a key factor here which I would give to Anderson. BUT, Jones can pull amazing escapes like the arm-bar with Vitor. Anderson's ground control is excellent, one of the best, he waits for an opportunity and can exploit it. If Jones makes 1 mistake on the ground then Silva will win. Otherwise it's pretty even.

This is what makes this fight extremely interesting, the match up is great.
Yes..., since that's worked so well in the past. Basically, if Vitor couldn't hit Silva while his guard was lax, it's not even logical to think that Bones can. Plus, Vitor, who is a proven power striker, landed clean on Silva and it left him completely undisturbed, let alone hurt. Even if Bones could land that one lucky shot, he's never even hinted that he has the kind of power to KO Silva. I mean come on, Silva has kept his hands down and been tagged by several opponents. Opponents that have KO power. How many times has he been KOed? Or even rocked?

Anyways, Bones/Silva will never happen.
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