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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
I have 24 amateur boxing matches and 13 kickboxing to my name. I know exactly what it takes to fight and I know how to train it. Are there people who can't learn it? Yes. Are they the majority? Not at all.

So please step off of your imaginary badass pedestal and try not to make yourself look any worse.

Read what i wrote, i said "It takes a long time" and "You cant teach it" It comes with experience, toughness and drive. Some dont have it in them some do....The people who come good at striking just keep on coming back no matter how much you beat them down - over a long period of time.

Ive had 10 boxing matches (8-2) and 3 kickboxing matches (2-1)

I get robbed and dq'd now and then, i dont even count any of my losses, but im bias. I also dont think i have looked as good as i can lately...very sloppy fights.

Oh, and I dont believe a word you say.

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