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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
No you started by making ridiculous claims and talking about how badass you were. Then you made assumptions about me that you had no reason to and then decided to call me a liar.

There is a difference between not fully believing something somebody says and calling them a ******* liar. Calling me a liar is one of the worst things anyone can call me.

I. Don't. Lie.

Ever. Even would it keep me from getting in trouble or help me get a better job. I don't do it. And you don't have to fully ******* believe me but you also don't get to call me a liar and then tell me to calm the **** down.

Fighting was my ******* life before most of mma fans had even seen a ******* fight and it got taken away from me in a stupid, freak ******* accident. So no. I don't have any footage or pictures. I couldn't ******* stand to look at them. SO is that good enough for you? Does that satisfy why I don't have any ******* footage laying around, Mr. Badass?
I cant take anyone at there word on the internet, anyone can type shit - I normally do at least act like i am accepting what people are saying to me is true but you used it to counter my assumption so i had to question it.

You calling my comments on being a badass "ridiculous" Is another assumption...

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