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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
Why don't you go **** yourself? I'm not lying. I fought for several years. Then I was crippled. All true. The pain I am in every god damn day reminds me of it.

I've never said I know everything about fighting. I don't call people trolls unless they are being one. I don't have the footage and I even said why. Is my reason so unbelievable? My story so incredible that you feel the need to bring me down so you can feel better about yourself?

You are a ******* asshole. The retarded part of your name is not just a clever pseudonym. You don't have a single shred of proof that I am lying. None. I let my knowledge of fighting speak for itself.

Someone who doesn't spend his time telling people he's a badass and then defending the statement when they call him an idiot. Clear enough?
Quotes from you in another thread about your boxing experience when I called you out on it:

How many people do you know - who train boxing for fun - keep video records of themselves training? Because none of the ones I know do it. Besides I relied on the rationale and knowledge of my comments on boxing to speak for themselves
You also claim in the other thread that you boxed for 15 years:

I've boxed for 15 years.
Thread link:

You keep changing your mind when it comes to what you have and haven't done. You had been boxing for 15 years for fun and did it as a hobby, therefore you had no recordings or pictures of yourself boxing.

Then you had been boxing for 14 years and had numerous amateur fights in boxing and kickboxing.

Now you're claiming to be crippled from all of the boxing.

So you're obviously supposed to be at least in your thirties. A 30 odd year old man who comes on this forum and seems to rage and insult members after every other post.

The reality is, you've probably never stepped into a boxing ring in your entire life, you're most likely in your late teens or early twenties and fit the bill as a narcissistic compulsive liar.
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