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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Quotes from you in another thread about your boxing experience when I called you out on it:

Because boxing for fun is all I've been able to do for the last decade, dipshit.

You also claim in the other thread that you boxed for 15 years:

I'm sorry it was 15 years and not 14. That obviously proves I'm lying because no one can get a date or length of time wrong.

Thread link:

You keep changing your mind when it comes to what you have and haven't done. You had been boxing for 15 years for fun and did it as a hobby, therefore you had no recordings or pictures of yourself boxing.

Incorrect again, asshole. I said I had been doing it for the last ten years for fun. Not the whole time.

Then you had been boxing for 14 years and had numerous amateur fights in boxing and kickboxing.

One year off and I didn't mention the kickboxing in the other thread because we were discussing boxing. I have always stated that I have had previous amateur experience. You for some reason seemed to think that I would have a mountain of footage for doing what I do when no one I know has footage of themselves unless they compete.

Now you're claiming to be crippled from all of the boxing.

I never said the boxing crippled me. I said I had to stop because I was crippled. What I did was rip my thigh in half working on a kick combination. Freak ****in' accident.

So you're obviously supposed to be at least in your thirties. A 30 odd year old man who comes on this forum and seems to rage and insult members after every other post.

The reality is, you've probably never stepped into a boxing ring in your entire life, you're most likely in your late teens or early twenties and fit the bill as a narcissistic compulsive liar.
Sorry, I'm 29. I've had multiple amateur fights and I'm supposed to walk with either a full leg brace or a cane at all times - doctor's orders. No narcissism. No compulsive lying. Sorry.

And all of your "evidence"? Well... it doesn't hold water. Care to try again or will you just shut up this time?

Originally Posted by Joabbuac View Post
you got him...

Knew it....
Not quite, slugger.

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