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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
Honestly I just don't buy that. Finishing a fight and freezing in place as a pose is not a style of fighting. It's showmanship/cockiness. I didn't enjoy the Old Rashad Evans showboating, never enjoyed Anderson doing it in the cage. But I am a complete hypocrite and my opinion should be thrown out because I enjoy Nick Diaz and his tactics because those are head games and attempts to get his opponents to bring the fight to Nick.
I'm completley cool with doing whatever you want when the fights over. I just meant that his actual style of fighting isn't cocky, it's been his style since he was nothing in small time kickboxing organisations. And to be fair, if you're post fight celebration is anything, I think it HAS to be in the confidence catagory, cause you know, you just knocked your opponent out haha.

Again with Nick, it's almost his strategy. He fights USING his low guard, his taunts, everything. His style is designed to force someone to engage or submit. Also, I heard a weird concept the other day. There is a style which uses talking as a way to guage distance. My karate sensei spoke of it after he seen me going Diaz style against someone I was sparring against (just messing around), but then he said we dont do it in karate so I can fuk off with that shit haha.
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